m/m = masayuki marukawa

necklace with beads and ribbon tie. also available in black

lining of tuxedo jacket sweater.

masayuki marukawa delivery just arrived. i want everything.
amazing as always.

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Jessica said...


My name is Jessica Goldfond and I am the owner of an online art gallery called The Shiny Squirrel. I am currently working a few projects that involve your lovely city of Portland, OR.

Erin (Design for Mankind Magazine) and I are putting together a bi-monthly magazine of travel guides for cities all over the world. We want these magazines to reflect the local tastes of designers, artists, chefs and natives like yourself.

We would love for you to be involved with the project so please let me know
if this sounds interesting to you. We would need everything by the middle of September and it would involve taking photos of places in Portland that are hidden, interesting, and inspire you. We would love for you to have some text along with it to post with your photos.

A great shot of the inside of your shop would be perfect as well. The magazine is going to be online, but we are going to potentially do some limited edition printed versions either magazine or hard bound book.

If you were interested we could discuss it more.

kind regards,