latest email.

hello all,
hope this finds you well.
just a short note as i am completely overwhelmed by all the new deliveries....
tagging, hanging, piling, folding.
it's so nice to see color.

new deliveries from:
rodebjer- caren rodebjer carries on her straight lines and mod silhouettes for spring! great ankle length pants, squared off jackets, sheers and mustard yellow "boyfriend sports jersey" sweater.
cavern- new line for una from los angeles. limited edition tees, some with designs, others hand dyed.- that beautiful musty purple grey mixture....
poles- first of several deliveries from our favorite french basics line. machine washable knits in a muted palette save for one red number.
crea concept- another new french line for una. creative knitwear with gorgeous texture, all about ease and a bit of layering.
mociun- fun prints and linens this season. shorts, jumpers, pants and dresses.... first of two deliveries.
diana orving- second season for una. from Sweden, slightly avant-garde, yet totally wearable. tees, dresses, cape sleeves, silk pants, scarf blouses and dresses.
sunshine and shadow- more graphics and new colors in the body styles you know and love. recently moved to Seattle from Brooklyn, let's see if her collection changes in the next couple of seasons....maybe even more color??? ha.
coven- Brazilian knitwear. fun! going fast, beautiful colors this season.

and of course further markdowns on the remainder of fall/winter beauties.
okay! hope you are all enjoying this bit of sun.

i will get photos up on the blog soon.
and if you don't know, may (my sweet model) is a bit busy lately .....
the shop is around the corner from una, on burnside, next to rad summer.
it is filled with lil' treasures, mostly sweet reminders of her home in france.

take care and be good to each other.
hope to see you soon.

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