d.s. and durga.

natural perfumes by D.S. & Durga.
available in 6 scents:


a fresh, uplifting scent with green leaf & cracked coriander seed notes.
sparkling & youthful.
bone dry with a clean, rosy bouquet. virginia, hiba & atlas cedarwoods. redolent of Finnish saunas, pencils, & Japanese bath houses.
effervescent grapefruit peel, with refreshing floral-fruit notes.


a malty, sophisticated juniper. warm notes of berry, pine, & maple. reminiscent of northern woods & lonely desert hillocks.
for the modern man. a classy blend of tuberose, musk, leather & tonka. all things money. when you dress money, you should smell money.
the timeless classic. a fragrant grass with a distinct earthy aroma, & a cooling character. our version is light, modern, & classy.

D.S. & Durga began humbly in December of 2007 when they decided to make holiday gifts for their friends. D.S., a musician, & Durga, an architect, first experimented with tinctures of flowers, herbs, & seeds to make aftershaves & toners. When they realized that none of their friends shaved, they decided to begin blending oils, resins, & plant extracts. The results were small batch handmade colognes & perfumes. Their friends loved the results, so they decided to make it official. Within months they were selling to boutiques in New York & California.

D.S. & D make everything by hand. They have been known to distill some of their own oils, but also procure the best perfume ingredients from around the world. They are inspired by the lore of herbs & flowers and their importance in the fields of medicine, beauty & gastronomy. They are influenced by the locality of their rare ingredients & strive to make original concoctions far from the mass-produced fragrances ubiquitous in modern times. D.S & D are not afraid to reference the classics, but hope to make scents appropriate for modern people of discerning taste.

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