4 years old.

photo by john clark

una turned 4 yesterday. i can't believe it. a big thank you to my customers who have been so lovely and loyal over the years. i have been thinking about why i had originally opened the shop and i still feel the same, maybe even more so. of course i enjoy design, art and fashion. but even more so, i enjoy community. the community of small independent designers that have chosen to be in my shop, depending on me to relay their stories and intentions... the community of small business owners and all my shop owner friends that share with customers the beauty and information about other shops. the community of portland shoppers and of se 28th street. thank you for sharing with me and supporting una. i really do love knowing your likes and dislikes, the subtleties of your shapes, the stories of your day, your most hated colors, what restaurant you tried last night, bits of your life and meeting your family from near and far. you all have brought so much to my life both in and out of the shop. i wanted to open a little place that was special. somewhere that you wanted to talk, where you would feel free to ask questions, learn and most importantly to touch. i can say that i am truly truly grateful that i have been so supported in this choice. i am equally as grateful in these times that i can be here to say that the shop has made it another year. again, thank you.

much thanks to jena, corrina, may and all the people who have helped this lil' place to run. as they say, i couldn't do it without you! xo
and there wouldn't be a shop without john. you are the most wonderful man. i am so lucky.

love, giovanna

oh, yeah....

*all clothing is 20% off , including the sale merchandise.


jena said...

!!! I am so glad you are here, can't imagine portland style without you. Love you and love una too!

maggie said...

Oh G, four years...really? Lovely loveliness. Beautiful beautiful day. To think how much smaller my life would have been without Una. Without you. Happy anniversary. And thank you...for everything.

Bria said...

Oh, happy birthday to the most exquisite, worldly yet down to earth, little boutique in our own beloved Portland! Thank you for being there. Mazel tov and many more!