corinna's holiday list.

corinna fills in at una and does other magical things.

vintage w. german pottery- $32.

chan luu sequin tube- $84.

iosselliani rings- $175.-500.

hengst cashmere and wool cape coat- $396.

vintage gold trimmed glasses- set $20.

tom scott puff sleeve sweater- $550.

favorite holiday traditions:
Well since I have lived near my family for a lot of years, many
holiday traditions are based around my family. I have finally just started getting
my own tree in my house.

One in particular is the tradition of Italian food every Xmas eve.
I am very happy about this because most of the time it involves
cheese and eggplant of some sort. i.e. eggplant parmigiana! My favorite.
After dinner we each get to open a present. I think that is a pretty typical
thing, although my Dad forces us to sing the 12 days of Christmas before we do.
This has gone on for at least 20 years or more.
Every year I have to admit this gets harder and harder because the song just goes
on and on and on. My Mom started a new tradition a couple of years ago...to get us all drunk then
make us do body gestures that emulate each of the 12 things.
For example, 4 calling birds- we are all up on one leg calling to the ceiling.
I am not sure if that will happen again this year. I am hoping she has forgotten about
this tradition. We'll see.

Oh yeah, another recent tradition is drawing names for gift giving.
This is a great thing, because the older I get the more I just want to hang out with my family, and eat and drink and laugh. It really isn't about the gifts anymore, not like it was when I was young.
Although , Mom and Dad if you are reading this anything at Una will suffice. he he he.


Joanna Goddard said...

the puffed sleeves shirt is AMAZING!!!

sword+fern said...

Corrina is ADORABLE!!! sounds a lot like my family too..

g. said...

everything that tom scott makes is amazing.
so inventive and the knits/fabrics always beautiful.
he just opened a shop in the lower east side.

lin said...


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