tomoko igarashi- knot collection.

one of a kind #115.

one of a kind #125.

one of a kind #131.

one of a kind #124.

Tomoko Igarashi was born in Tokyo as a daughter of designers. while her father Takenobu Igarashi was one of the most renowned graphic and product designers in Japan, it was her mother Keiko, a textile designer, who was Tomoko's biggest creative influence. She made her first necklace, a purple crayon on a string, when she was 3 years old and began her career at age 11, designing housewares with her mother for Seibu department store.

Later, Tomoko studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design in Switzerland and then moved to New York to study fashion where she graduated from Parsons. She worked as a men's wear designer and accessory buyer before learning to make jewelry from her husband, a metal smith.

Her passion for jewelry grew from hobby to starting her own line in 2001. The debut floral cut-out collection was inspired by the wallpaper flowers she had worked on when she was her mother's assistant. Currently, Tomoko lives with her husband, son and cat in New York.

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