monica castiglioni.

i have coveted this jewelry for such a long time (i first saw it at the beautiful and now shuttered shop pastec in new york) and am happy to say that we now have monica castiglioni's collection at una. based out of milan and inspired by natural forms, each piece is limited and made of bronze, moonstone or garnet. monica's design sense comes from a deeply rooted tradition, her father achille castiglioni was one of the famous italian furniture designers.
it is modern and a bit crude, quiet and loud, whimsical and serious. i love the weight and human element in each one.


Squirrel and Starling said...

Love this jewelry line!! -Colleen

Lucia said...

BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, couldn't make up how perfect these are. Man oh man, wish I was in Portland to stop by your astoundingly wonderful little shop.

Annie said...

These are GORgeous. Can't wait to see it in person, dude!