abyt neclace- 4" brass pendant set with moonstones on a sterling silver chain.

source necklace- 3.25" brass moveable pendant with freshwater pearl on sterling chain.

bast- 2.25" brass thorns pendant with mabe pearl on oxidized silver chain.

two seas- 2" brass oval pendant set with mabe pearl and sterling oxidized "pearl".

asheru- 4" brass pendant set mabe pearl on oxidized silver chain.

third eye- 2.25" brass pendant with mother-of-pearl and hawkseye on oxidized silver chain.

unut- 2" brass pendant set with one iolite on sterling silver chain.

peek- oval mirror set into 3.5" brass pendant on oxidized silver chain.

nun- brass pendant with labradorite on oxidized silver chain.

ribbon torque choker- 1" wide brass ribbon torque.

cloud ribbon necklace- brass ribbon torque on oxidized silver chain.

antoinette cypher necklace- brass with brass chain and partial chain moonstone.

double pearl ring- oxidized silver and pearl.

pearl prong ring- pearl and 10k yellow gold.


Robin said...

I just found you through Palace, and your work is so beautiful I can't stand it! :) Thanks for making amazing things.

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