new york and italy. buying for spring 2012.

randi from aesa opened up a beautiful new store with electric feathers at 35 crosby.
it was so fun to revisit pieces from all the collections that we have had over the years and to see the special one of a kind pieces made especially for the shop.

amazingly adorable shop lady, emma.

beautiful suzanne in her showroom, W29.

il bisonte factory outside of florence, italy.
(john and renato in the background scheming about which bags they need and what
technical devices will fit in what bags.)

my sweet rep melania and the designer.

shipping dept.

quality control.

cutting room.

all that leather...

the coolest thing...
they took us to a special room where an il bisonte museum will be.
so amazing, every bag made since wanny di filippo (whom i met briefly!) started the
company in the sixties. i wanted to grab so many of them and run! ha.
pretty interesting to see how they have evolved over the years.

thank you to melania and everyone at il bisonte for taking the time.


sb said...

so great to see the il bisonte operations. you are lucky! also i cannot wait to visit the aesa store

Sweet Ronit said...

So fun to see the behind-the-scenes at these gorgeous studios. I'm excited to see what you ordered too!

evihan said...

wowwww...such an amazing shop..love it all the way....

Kristin...from Istanbul:-)

Jennifer said...

Very cool. Loved this little glimpse into the process of selection--how everything ends up at your beautiful store.