holiday wish lists… Brighid.


My favorite part of the holidays growing up was pulling out the old boxes full of decorations and stockings. I revel in unpacking them and putting them all in their designated spots on the mantle, on the piano, on the shelves and in the windows. Everything smells of old potpourri, winter spices, and dust. I still have a strong sense memory of the smells and textures of all of those old things back home in Texas. And the tree! Decorating the tree still gives me great joy. A few years ago I went back home for Christmas but didn't arrive until late on Christmas Eve. When my mother had gotten me home from the airport there was a bare tree standing in the living room with all the decorations out waiting just for me. Her little gift of nostalgia still makes my heart swell to remember it. 
The deep wine reds and forest greens of the season remind me of all the warm cozy things in her wardrobe, too. 

From Una:

Melissa Joy Manning XL Egg Hoops 14k $475

From around town:

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