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Jacqueline's Holiday List

wish list from una:

Iosselliani stack rings.

Etat libre d'orange jasmin et cigarette eau de parfum.

BLK DNM leather motorcycle pant.

favorite holiday traditions:

My holiday traditions include getting together with family, and gathering around our silver tinsel tree Christmas morning to exchange gifts. I have a Doris Day holiday record that I play over and over until we can’t stand to hear it until next year.
I watch It’s A Wonderful Life every year, and every year it makes me cry, and reminds me to be thankful for the people and places in my own life.

wish list from elsewhere:

Items from elsewhere in the neighborhood that I would be excited to find under the tree include The Royale Tap Pant from Lille Boutique, one of the Papier d'Armenie candles from Nationale, and a new sketch pad from Columbia Art & Drafting Supply.

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