staff wish list.

Rachel's Holiday List

wish list from una:

Boessert/Shorn blue and leopard belted dress

Ninh Wysocan "forged irregular shaped band with riveted spore" ring

A Detacher "Duncan" platform in brown.

Epice scarf--so many to love, but momentarily coveting browns, navy, cream.

favorite holiday tradition:

Going out to a woody place and tromping around
(preferably in snow and with a hot beverage) for a tree.
Stockings! I love being creative and putting them together, all with
the limitation of the dimensions....
Getting energized by helping to create the magic and joy of the
holiday through my son.

wish list from elsewhere:

Metalurgy and Ceramics classes, equipment, and materials.
Chie Mihara GOIA Platform Wood Lace Up Leather Boots in Dark Green.

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